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structural engineering and steel detailing

All of the projects designed by CSE + CSG use Building Information Modeling, BIM, for cost estimations, simulations, scheduling, energy analysis, structural design, GIS integration, fabrication, erection, and facilities management. Benefits of BIM include reduced risk, improved productivity, streamlined productions and improved quality control through enhanced coordination and communication.

The specialization of Connected Structural Engineers [CSE], for engineering design offers clients decades of service for an array of project types including casinos, commercial developments, high-rise hospitality and condominiums, and public building design. The team of dedicated professionals work to provide comprehensive solutions for structural engineering from kick-off through construction administration. With licensed structural and professional engineers having years of experience in large to small scale projects, CSE delivers designs for concrete, steel, masonry, and other types of structures.

Steel detailing expertise is provided through Connected Structural Group [CSG]. The specialization of the firm provides detailed fabrication drawings using SDS/2 steel detailing software. The SDS/2 modeling system enables the firm to prepare 3D models of entire streel structures including all information required for ordering, fabricating, and erecting steel. The steel detailing services also include assembly drawings, advanced bill of materials and anchor bolt layouts and templates. The firm’s in-house licensed engineers are able to identify potential design problems in the detailing phase for projects engineered by other firms, adding another level of safety for the design team, fabricator, owner and contractor.



effective models

As the design industry began to shift towards modeling projects in lieu of simply drawing projects, Connected Structural focused on providing their client with full service structural engineering and project coordination. Since our inception in 2006 we have produced production models, not design models. This commitment to detail is what sets Connected Structural Group apart from the industry.

Working off of a single model, our personnel are able to deliver a finished product in a timely manner and within the client’s design budget. Our mission is to provide the finest finished product in the steel detailing industry, while saving our client’s money and most importantly, time.


efficient design

Connected Structural Group utilizes various engineering design programs to provide the owner with the most efficient design. Some of the engineering programs used in the design process are ETABS, RamSteel, RISA 3-D, SAP , SAFE, ADAPT, SDS Connection Design software, Retain-Pro and many others. At CSG, we understand that each project is unique. Knowing this, we are able to determine the most effective software program, or combination of programs to use in the design process, resulting in the best possible design. We are also experienced with multiple drafting programs including SDS/2, Revit, AutoCad, ADT, and others.