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Connected Structural is at the forefront of the design industry in using Building Information Modeling in structural engineering and steel detailing. We have successfully worked with multiple parties including architects, engineers, mechanical contractors, etc. providing the finest quality finished product. We take pride in combining efficient structural designs with progressive software programs to save our client time and money.


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We’re able to apply a number of different options to help ensure the success of your job, depending on your project’s specific needs

structural engineering

With licensed structural and professional engineers having years of experience in large to small scale projects, we can provide structural design for concrete, steel, masonry, and other types of structures. Whatever material is used, our structures are designed with  fabrication, erection, and construction in mind to save the owner, fabricator, and contractor both money and time in the overall project schedule. Engineering services for erection procedures and temporary structures.

steel detailing

Connected Structural Group provides detailed fabrication drawings using SDS/2 steel detailing software. The SDS/2 modeling system enables us to prepare 3D models of entire steel structures including all information required for ordering, fabricating, and erecting steel. Our steel detailing services also include assembly drawings, advanced bill of materials and anchor bolt layouts and
templates. Our in-house, licensed engineers are able to identify potential design problems in the detailing phase for projects engineered by other firms, adding another level of safety for the design team, fabricator, owner and contractor.

building information modeling

Building information modeling (BIM) is the move from analog to digital design and construction. It is a model-based technology linked with a database of project  information. BIM has transformed the way that projects are created, communicated and built. Benefits of BIM include reduced risk, improved productivity, streamlined productions and improved quality control through better communication. BIM provides the client with initial cost
savings that later extend to the operations and maintenance of the facility.

construction administrative services

Pre-construction meeting for review of structural requirements. Review of shop drawings and other submittals. Responding to contractor requests for information and requests for substitution. On-site structural observation to verify general conformance with the contract documents and design intent.

erection engineering

Erection Engineering for steel placement and incomplete structure evaluation, weights for cranepicks, temporary erection aids, lifting and rigging plans, and compliance with safety guidelines.